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Carlos Freire, hailing from Ecuador, embarked on a journey to the United States in pursuit of a thriving career in the world of film and media. His educational path stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to the craft, culminating in an impressive academic portfolio that includes an Associate's degree in Media Studies, followed by a Bachelor's degree in Film Production, and the pinnacle achievement of a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Media Communication Arts with a distinct focus on Documentary Production.


With over fifteen years of experience as a skilled communicator, Carlos has left an indelible mark on the media landscape. His noteworthy accomplishments encompass the creation of "Terraza 7," a compelling documentary delving into the profound impact of gentrification on small businesses in Jackson Heights. Carlos's dedication to addressing pressing social issues is further evidenced in works such as "My Dream At The Other Side" and "Qween Amor," masterpieces that explore the themes of immigration and LGBTQ+ rights, respectively. The recognition garnered by these films at various film festivals attests to the exceptional quality of Carlos's storytelling. His unwavering commitment to the arts community in New York City earned him recognition from the President of the Borough of the Bronx.


Carlos's influence transcends national borders, as he has earned acclaim as an international content creator. His insightful coverage of the visits of the President of Ecuador to China and Saudi Arabia provided unique perspectives on these diplomatic engagements. This compelling work found a platform on Ecuadorian news channels and was presented as thought-provoking documentaries, showcasing his prowess in storytelling. Additionally, Carlos ventured into television production, overseeing notable programs such as "Business in Queens," hosted by the Queens Chamber of Commerce and broadcast on Queens Public Television (QPTV), as well as "Guerrilla Mosh TV," a captivating rock music television show aired on Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN).


Today, Carlos Freire is firmly entrenched in the vibrant cultural tapestry of New York City, where he serves as the Communications Broadcast Multimedia Project Coordinator at The City University Of New York (CUNY). In this role, he continues to contribute his expertise to further enrich the dynamic media landscape of the city he now calls home.


Carlos Freire's impressive portfolio further includes the impactful documentary titled "Outsiders." This compelling work delves into the challenging issue of homelessness and its underlying causes, shedding light on this pressing societal concern.


Notably, Carlos's documentary films have received acclaim and have transcended national boundaries. They have been showcased in various European countries, captivating audiences in cities like Istanbul, Barcelona, and Vienna. This international exposure attests to the universal themes and global relevance of his storytelling.


Furthermore, Carlos's films have found a place on Mexican television, resonating with audiences in a different cultural context. Their ability to transcend borders and connect with diverse audiences underscores the depth and universality of the subjects he explores.


In the United States, Carlos's films have made a significant impact on the festival circuit, where they have been screened at numerous prestigious events. These screenings have allowed his work to be celebrated and appreciated by audiences across the nation, solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the world of documentary filmmaking.

Filmmaker . Producer . Director 

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